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KEY Academy is our program for students grades 7-12. KEY Academy students study traditional subjects, explore & strengthen their talents, socialize with their peers, and much more. KEY Academy students are required to donate time to community service, and may be eligible to attend college classes while in high school. Our program encourages kids to be organized, work hard,  and grow to be contributing members of society.



The 7th-8th grade KEY Academy program meets on campus 3.5 days per week with highly-qualified certificated teachers, and 1.5 days of independent study home school assignments of general course offerings such as math, science, language arts and social studies.  Students also take a technological course where they learn computer skills, coding and digital citizenship.  Our program includes a two year elective cycle where students are exposed to a total of 6 different electives that include but are not limited to: drama, speech & debate, and photography. 



KEY Academy 9-12 meets two days per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays).  Key Academy teaches a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum incorporating UC-approved a-g courses.  This program provides opportunities for students to attend small classes two times per week with additional teacher-driven assignments to be completed throughout the week.  This schedule affords students the opportunity to concurrently enroll in tuition-free college courses and allows ample flexibility to be involved in real-life experiences.