Distance Learning - Acknowledgement & Consent

Dear Parents and Guardians:
Because of the school closures due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the District is working on distance learning opportunities in order to provide your student with ongoing access to learning. The attached form identifies distance learning online platforms that the District may use in providing these opportunities. The aim of distance learning is to allow educators and providers, in collaboration with the district, to provide ongoing instruction and high quality education.
Please review the attached document of distance learning online platforms the district may utilize. The list of platforms may be updated as the District further develops its distance learning program.
If you have any concerns about your student's use of distance learning online platforms, please contact Helio Brasil at 209-669-2921 or Hbrasil@keyes.k12.ca.us so that we can explore other arrangements for your student. 
Thank you, 
Helio Brasil