Keyes Union School District Reopening Update

Good Morning Parents, Staff, and Community,


As you may or may not know the board took action to begin the reopening of Keyes Schools during last night’s special board meeting.  The board voted unanimously as members in attendance to proceed with the following:


The Keyes Union School District will open/reopen on January 4th, for grades TK-12.  This will be based on approved reopening plans from the County Health Department and as long as health conditions warrant.  This is subject to change based on Stanislaus County's health conditions. 

This does include the Charter School.

The district took action based on the results of the surveys submitted by parents and staff. The next steps will be for the district to submit a plan for reopening to the County Health Department.  The plan must include all of the health requirement components including instructional model schedules and protocols. The district has a multitude of draft sample plans we have been working from.  As we prepare for reopening parents will need to sign up their student(s) for either distance learning only, combo in-person/distance, or independent study.  This will be required to determine staffing needs.  When we begin to take sign-ups, they will be available for completion online.  Sign-ups will begin in the coming weeks.  As a result of an opening date decision, our focus is now to complete and submit the reopening plan for approval by the Stanislaus County Health Department.  

I sincerely appreciate your patience, cooperation, and support during the closure and period of return to distance learning as we started the new school year. 


Helio Brasil