KTL is 25 years old in 2020!

Over 25 years ago the California Charter Schools Act was passed allowing the birth of Keyes to Learning Charter School.  At that time, charter schools were a radical concept.  Nationally, California was only the second state to enact charter school legislation.  It was viewed as a state-level experiment limiting only 100 charter schools to be established.

Around this same time, Lee Ann Stangl shared her vision with the Keyes Union School District leadership, of a school that would integrate the resources of the community, the expertise of professional educators, and the bonds of the family unit to create the best possible environment for individual learning and would be a model for educational innovation.  Inspired by her idea, Keyes Union School District encouraged Mrs. Stangl to create Keyes to Learning Charter School, and agreed to be its sponsor forming the 85th charter school in California!  From its humble beginnings 25 years ago, KTL has matured, endeavoring to create the best possible environment for individual learning

Starting in 2019 you may notice that two of the children on KTL's logo have grown up,  becoming adolescents.  These students represent our jr. high and high school programs. For the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years, KTL's logo will be altered to celebrate its 25 years of existence.

Happy Birthday KTL!