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Keyes to Learning Charter School's BlendED Academy allows your family flexibility to learn and grow together at home, with one-to-one support from academic advisors.  Our dedicated and experienced faculty are there to help you every step of the way.  KTL provides the curriculum and materials you need, and will even tailor your curriculum and materials to your individual student so that your child is always challenged, always excited by the material, always supported.


Our challenging curriculum grades TK-12,  fulfills the California State Standards and the requirements for high school graduation.  In the TK(Transitional Kindergarten)-8th grade home-based program, an advisor teacher meets with students and parents to provide materials, make assignments, evaluate progress and equip the parents to be the primary instructor.  The 9th-12th grade home-based program will be a blending of face to face courses with an advisory teacher and online courses. Teachers meet one on one with students to make assignments, evaluate progress, administer tests, and provide supplemental tutoring as needed.


Courses will be completed as follows:

  • All English and History courses will be assigned by a KTL advisor.
  • All Mathematics courses will be completed online through Odysseyware.
  • All Science courses will be completed online through Odysseyware.
  • Electives will be assigned through a KTL advisor.
  • Physical Education will be completed through contemporaneous logs and/or vendors and assignments given by a KTL advisor.